Project Leader

Join Our Team as a Project Leader – Jobsplus Permit Number 808/2023
Are you ready to make a meaningful impact by spearheading digital and ICT skills projects to success? We are in search of a passionate Project Leader who will guide, coordinate, and manage these projects and ensure they are completed on time, within budget, and in alignment with established standards.
Your Role
As the chosen applicant, your mission is to enrich the digital skills landscape within our local community. You will be an active contributor to policy development and serve as the face of our Foundation at local and global events organized by the eSkills Malta Foundation, its founding members, and digital skills stakeholders.

Key Responsibilities

• Dive into comprehensive research and collaborate with stakeholders to gain insights into the ever-evolving digital and ICT technologies, identifying the skill sets required by diverse groups, including children, youth, adults, and mature individuals, as they progress through their educational journey, careers, and societal roles
• Engage with a multitude of stakeholders to identify gaps between organizational needs and available skills and competences. Work towards the advancement of ICT careers and tackle tasks related to eSkills policies, digital skill enhancement, and IT profession development
• You may also contribute to monitoring the progress of the National eSkills Strategy through stakeholder interactions, offering solutions to address any issues that may arise during its implementation

Your Specific Tasks

• Pioneering, implementing, or participating in innovative initiatives to enhance digital proficiency in general and across specific sectors, such as the ICT industry, sector-specific domains, the education sector, and broader society
• Cultivating connections between the education and ICT industry sectors to bridge the digital skills gap
• Conducting directed studies related to digital skills
• Assisting the Foundation in achieving mandates and objectives established by the Board of Administrators
• Identifying international best practices and projects about fundamental and advanced digital skills that can be applied in Malta
• Advocating for the necessity and relevance of trending digital skills within the ICT and sector-specific industries and society at large
• Staying informed about specific European and local policies and standards related to digital competences and skills
• Engaging with domestic and international partners in digital skills and ICT development to gather insights and collaborate on eSkills initiatives
• Establishing connections with the eSkills Malta Foundation’s European counterparts, including the European Commission
• Representing the eSkills Malta Foundation at local and international events and meetings
• Delivering both short and comprehensive presentations as required
• Contributing to the development and execution of the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform created by the eSkills Malta Foundation

• Monitoring and reporting on the progress of the National eSkills Strategy through stakeholder engagement and assisting in identifying solutions for any issues impacting progress

Essential Skills Requirements

• Ability to work both independently and as part of a team
•S trong professional work ethics, attitudes, and values
• Critical, creative, and analytical thinking
• Excellent verbal and written communication, particularly in English
• Strong interpersonal skills

• Proficiency in presentation and public speaking

Education and Experience Requirements
• A qualification in a related field (MQF Level 6 or equivalent), with an additional 5 years of relevant experience in a closely related area
• A qualification in a related field (MQF Level 5 or equivalent), with an additional 10 years of relevant  experience in a closely related area
• Public officers at a grade not lower than Scale 7 with a minimum of 8 years of relevant work experience in a closely related
Join us in shaping the future of digital skills and making a lasting impact! Apply now to become our Project Leader.
Should you be interested, please submit a detailed CV, together with an introduction letter by email and scanned copies of certificates, by not later than 23rd November 2023 to or send the application to the eSkills Malta Foundation, Gattard House, National Road, Blata l-Bajda HMR9010.