Generative AI Education Sector

Generative AI in the Education Sector

Generative AI refers to a category of artificial intelligence that involves the creation of new content, such as text, images, […]

Squad on Digital Skills in Non-ICT Professions

Call for Participants The Digital Skills and Jobs Platform (DSJP) is extending an invitation to professionals across diverse sectors to […]
Digital Skills Bootcamps and Events 2023

Digital Skills Bootcamps and Events 2023

The responsibilities of the eSkills Malta Foundation include enhancing digital skills within Maltese society through initiatives such as skilling, upskilling, […]

Cedefop: Going digital means skilling for digital!

As the European Union embraces rapid digital transformation, the demand for digital skills is skyrocketing. Digital tools transform businesses, offering […]

“All things data: a skilled workforce in a data-driven future?” – deep-dive

As the future of work is increasingly looking more and more data-driven, several questions naturally emerge. How can we prepare […]
Web accessibility

Web Accessibility and the EU Web Accessibility Directive

Introduction Web accessibility ensures that everyone, including individuals with disabilities, can effectively interact with the internet. It gained prominence during […]

EmpowerEDUC: Recognising Excellence in EU Code Week 2023

The EmpowerEDUC initiative for EU Code Week 2023 was a collaborative effort between the Secretariat for Catholic Education (SfCE) and […]

Celebrating 5 Years of #MaltaPi with the Unveiling of Raspberry Pi 5!

Over the weekend, tech enthusiasts gathered at De La Salle College, Birgu, to mark the 5th anniversary of #MALTAPI, Malta’s […]

Digital Story: the women reshaping our digital future

Seeing women work their way up to the very forefront of the digital domain is nothing short of inspiring. While […]