Each year, for the entire month of October, the European Cybersecurity Month (ECSM) the spotlight, illuminating the path to digital safety. This dedicative initiative campaign aims to promote awareness among citizens of cyber threats and ways to counter them, to change their perception of cyber threats, and to provide up-to-date information on cyber protection and cybersecurity. It focuses on providing the latest online security information through awareness-raising activities and the sharing of best practices. ECSM is organized by the European agency ENISA, with a variety of activities in all EU member countries. Now in its 11th edition, ECSM stands as a proof of the EU’s commitment to fostering a safer online environment for its citizens and organizations

In this year’s European Cybersecurity Month, we are delving deep into the world of Social Engineering, where cybercriminals employ clever manipulation tactics to breach security defenses. #BeSmarterThanAHacker is the 2023 motto that refers to the knowledge and tools we need to protect ourselves from cybercriminals. From phishing attacks to social engineering schemes, ECSM 2023 aims to decode the evolving tactics employed by cybercriminals, ensuring that EU citizens are equipped to recognize and counter these threats effectively. The motto emphasizes the necessity of ongoing vigilance, education, and proactive measures against constantly changing cyber threats, so that European citizens can collaboratively strengthen the digital landscape.

ECSM 2023 is not just a campaign, it’s an interactive journey: during October webinars, virtual workshops, and online forums featuring cybersecurity experts, will serve as platforms for knowledge exchange, enabling participants to learn from cybersecurity experts. Engage in the discussion, actively take part in the educational initiatives, and become smarter than a hacker!