The Latvian Information and Communication Technology Association (LIKTA) invites small and micro enterprises and self-employed workers to participate in the training project ‘Training small and micro-entrepreneurs for the development of innovation and digital technologies in Latvia’ (project No, which is being implemented in cooperation with the Central Finance and Contracts Agency (CFLA) until 31 December.

Between the start of the project and 1 October 2023, with EU funds co-financed by EU funds, already 4171 employees in small and micro enterprises have increased their digital skills. The most attended courses in the last half of the year were “home search enhancements with SEO technologies”, “ICT solutions for financial management of the decision”, “Computerised accounting”, “Facebook opportunities to promote business”, “Instagram platform for business promotion – expert course”, “Production of VAT return and grouping of activities in Jumis” and others. In 2023, it is also possible to follow four new courses: ‘Instagram platform for business promotion – expert course’, ‘Digitalised staff management under the Jumis Staff’ programme’, ‘3D basics for design with Trimble SketchUp Pro’ and ‘Preparation of the VAT return and grouping of activities in Jumis’.  More information on the content of the training courses and the planned calendar of courses can be found here.

The project is ongoing under the activities of the European Union Regional Development Fund “Support for ICT and non-technological training as well as training to facilitate investor engagement”.

The aim of the project is to raise awareness of innovation among economic operators and to increase the qualifications of small and micro-enterprises (MMUs) workers and the self-employed, thereby contributing to the uptake of technological innovations and increasing work efficiency and productivity.

More information on the project is available here.