A unique Cloud Training Program exclusively designed for SMEs

CloudCamp4SMEs announces the launch of a unique Cloud Training Program exclusively designed for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the European Union (EU), to facilitate their digital transformation efforts. The initiative offers SMEs affordable access to premium training courses focused on vital digital proficiencies related to Cloud Technologies and Solutions. Crafted by global experts in cloud technology, the program empowers SMEs with the skills to effectively navigate the complex digital landscape.

The pilot countries

Supported by the European Union through the HaDEA Agency, the project is committed to offering tailored training experiences for SMEs in 5 pilot countries: Denmark, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Poland. The pilot countries were selected to cover all the different stages of innovation at the EU level, ensuring that the training addresses the specific needs of SMEs in any country. During the pilot phase, around 400 SMEs and over 1,000 participants will benefit from expert-led training, underlining the initiative’s commitment to fostering digital literacy among businesses.

A top-notch consortium 

The initiative is led by FundingBox and other important partners, such as Schuman Associates – a leading Brussels-based Advisory Firm – renowned tech training providers like FastLane, AKKA, and Mylia. Supported by business associations like AFM, INVEMA, CERR, ZPP, UNINDUSTRIA, and bwcon, as well as cloud technology leaders Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the EBN Network, CloudCamp4SMEs plans to expand its Training Program extensively across Europe.

The top-notch consortium strives to ensure personalized support for SMEs, enabling them to harness the power of digital technologies. The initiative’s future expansion across Europe will involve collaboration with additional training providers and business associations, reinforcing the program’s impact on enhancing digital skills among SMEs throughout Europe.

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