“Following the successful launch and ongoing implementation of the Digital Pupil for Slovak pupils from several groups, on 11 August the Digital Coalition, in cooperation with MIRRI and the Ministry of Education, launched a project to assist Ukrainian pupils. Those attending Slovak primary or secondary schools will be able to receive an allowance of EUR 350 for the purchase of digital equipment and thus prepare for education in the same way as Slovak students,” notes the President of the Digital Coalition, Mário Lelovský.

The planned project aims to support around 20000 pupils from a defined target group in 2023. The place of implementation of the project is the whole territory of the Slovak Republic. Currently, less than half of Ukrainian children, i.e. around 10000 pupils and students, are included in the school system of the Slovak Republic. Most continue a distance study in Ukraine, although located in Slovakia. The Ukrainian pupil project can make a significant contribution to motivating Ukrainian children to attend school in the Slovak Republic, ensuring continuity of the learning process and, which is very important for children after stress survival, the project contributes to their socialisation and systematic communication in the new, Slovak environment. It is a project that promotes the inclusion of children from Ukraine in the education process in Slovakia and has a high added value as it supports the inclusion of children and indirectly their parents, with a view to integrating them into life in Slovakia as effectively as possible.

The Ukrainian pupil project is funded by the Operational Programme European Structural and Investment Funds, Integrated Infrastructure, Priority Axis – 14 Care.  The project budget covers the provision of a digital contribution for the purchase of digital equipment for 20 thousand Ukrainian children.

To date, more than 1300 applicants have been registered for a digital contribution in the Ukrainian pupil project.

All information on the registration and the conditions for applying the digital contribution can be found on the website www.ukrajinskyziak.sk or on the call centre telephone number + 421 (0) 232 284467 (on working days between 9.00 and 17.00 advice is provided in Ukrainian language).