Digital pupil: we have extended the deadline

We congratulate all pupils and pupils on today’s certificate and remind you that together with their legal representatives, they will also be able to apply for a EUR 350 allowance during the summer holidays. Registrations are increasing on a daily basis. The project currently registers more than 95 thousand registrations of pupils from all target groups. More than 12 thousand have already used the allowance and have a new digital device at home.

⇦How do deadlines change?

Our aim is to deliver aid to as many pupils as possible under the project. For this reason, we extend the possibility of registration as follows:

⇦⇦a group of pupils in the first year of secondary schools may apply for a contribution until 31. 08. 2023,

⇦⇦all other eligible groups of pupils can apply for a contribution until 30. 09. 2023

SURFACESThe majority of children from socially weaker backgrounds are entitled to the allowance. For example, their parents receive benefits in material need, have low and below-average incomes, as well as families with special educational needs. All current first-time secondary school students, including pupils in the fifth year of the 8-year secondary school, are equally eligible.

More information and registration form can be found at