Digital Skills Bootcamp 2021

Digital Skills Bootcamp 2021

Following the success of the Summer Bootcamp last year in 2020, the eSkills Malta Foundation created a yearlong Digital Skills Bootcamp this time to pique the general publicโ€™s interest again in various digital technologies and programming languages.

Courses range from Mobile Apps Design for children to Coding for teachers to Digital Accessibility for Everybody and A Primer on ‘Industry 4.0’ for Business Leaders & Managers.

The eSkills Malta Foundation is a National Coalition made up of various representatives from Government, industry and education, who can contribute to the increase in digital skills and the development of the IT profession.

One of the Foundationโ€™s mandates is the increasing of basic and advanced digital skills in Malta. The Foundation recognises that there is a need to broaden the range of coding or coding-related digital skills in Malta and increase the accessibility to such skills; increase the pool of persons with basic or advanced digital skills; develop a larger pool of persons that are better equipped for their future education or employment or to increase their quality of digital life through the use of coding, coding-related or basic or advanced digital skills and also educate and raise awareness on the importance of coding and digital skills for the use in their careers.

In line with the digital skills skilling, upskilling and reskilling mandates, the eSkills Malta Foundation had issued an Expression of Interest (EoI) for the setting up of training courses/sessions or information session events to be included in our initiative for any of the following target groups:

Citizens (Children, Youth, Adults 18 and over, Pensioners)
Labour force (Employees, executives or leaders of SMEs and enterprises)
ICT Professionals and Practitioners
Education (Teachers and students)

As in previous years, the eSkills Malta Foundation contracted various Training Providers to provide coding, coding-related, basic or advanced digital skills education sessions to one or more target audiences.

This enables the Foundation to offer free courses to various audiences about numerous topics that all fall under its original scope of digital skills skilling, upskilling and reskilling mandates.

Based on already concluded courses and registrations for upcoming ones, the Foundation is predicting another successful Bootcamp for 2021!

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