EU Code Week 2015

EU Code Week 2015

The eSkills Malta Foundation is a coalition of various representatives from the government, industry and education who work together to create the skills base and life-long quality growth required for a digitally enabled knowledge economy. It is important for Malta to be innovative and competitive and the foundation aims to instigate changes that help the country in developing a strong and suitable workforce equipped with the right digital skills.

The foundation, which brings together representatives from the Ministry of Education, MITA, Malta Enterprise, the Malta Communications Authority, the Malta Gaming Authority and the Chamber of Commerce, has several tasks at hand including that of giving advice to government and stakeholders on e-skills matters, contributing to the expansion of ICT educational initiatives and leading an ICT professionalism development programme.

The foundation also instigates further reform in the ICT educational offering, contributes to capacity-building in the ICT education community and facilitates access to innovative, creative hubs for e-skills development and ICT leaders.

With ICT skills becoming more and more mandatory, both in one’s education as well as in employment, the eSkills Malta Foundation appreciates the fast rhythm of change in technology that many times is easier implemented than changed within the education sector. Because of this, the Foundation was setup specifically to ensure that there is a stronger interaction between the requirements of the industry and the education and training offered by Malta’s educational stakeholders.

The eSkills Malta Foundation is currently Malta’s national point for the EU’s eSkills for Jobs 2015-2016 project – a communication and awareness-raising campaign on the need for citizens to improve their command of ICT skills for work.