By responding to the market’s needs for AI skills and recognising the prospects and potential it can offer to empower workers around the world, Microsoft is launching the AI Skills initiative. AIskills have become the third most important priority in companies’ education strategies worldwide, along with analytical and creative thinking. The company’s new initiative aims to help the wider public tap the momentum of artificial intelligence. It includes the ‘Professional Certificate on Generative AIfree training and certification in five comprehensive programmes and orientations developed in cooperation with LinkedIn and available through the platform as follows:

  • What Is Generative AI?
  • Generative AI: The Evolution of Thoughtful Online Search
  • Streamlining Your Work with Microsoft Bing Chat
  • Ethics in the Age of Generative AI
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

By participating in the above programmes, learners will have the opportunity to gain a comprehensive insight into the key concepts of Artificial Intelligence and to learn more specifically about the functionality of generative AI. From being more familiar with the most useful AI tools, training on differences between search engines and reasserting engines to create studied search strategies, to learning to use Microsoft Bing Chat to optimise workflows, certification is another step in Microsoft’s effort to ensure that all workers have access to the latest Artificial Intelligence tools. 

AI is part of Microsoft’s Skills for Jobs programme aimed at offering free induction courses on General Artificial Intelligence (AI).

While the courses will initially be available in English, the content will be available in other languages in the near future. Those who have completed the course will receive a certification, an important asset in their professional career.

Certification is already available in English and will be available free of charge until 2025, while, like all Microsoft certifications, it is recognised when awarding points in public sector notices. 

The company is aware of the need to empower people with knowledge to be able to use their skills to make effective use of AI. Microsoft itself has already trained around 70.000 women.

Find out more about Microsoft’s free training and certification of Generative AI skills at Career Essentials in Generative AI by Microsoft and LinkedIn and find out more about the programmes on offer.