Following a discussion by the Commission at the Slovakia 2021-2027 Monitoring Committee for Objective 1 on 11.7.2023, the Digital Skills for Slovakia’s Green Future Project was also added to the Digital Coalition projects.

Building on the opportunities of the Slovak programme and the offer of European digital innovation hubs, the Digital Coalition prepared a national project aimed at strengthening awareness of the need for digital and green transitions. It is also meant to support managers and their management competences in view of the ongoing digital and green transitions.

Slovakia’s top managers are mostly opposed to the implementation of the digital transformation. This lack of active involvement leads to a slowdown in the pace of digitalisation and indicates a lack of preparedness for the transformational changes that are essential for the current time. The target group of the Digital Skills project for Slovakia’s green future is the top managers of the business sector, OVM managers and municipal managers. Training of these groups of managers is essential to achieve a successful digital transformation of processes and human resources.

Within Slovakia, the green transition represents an important opportunity. It provides new markets for clean technologies and products, while supporting the development of green skills that are essential for green jobs. The Digital Skills for the Green Future of Slovakia project aims to raise the level of digital and professional skills relevant for SK RIS3 2021+ areas, in particular for domain 1 – Innovative Industry for the 21st Century and Domain 3 – Digital Transformation of Slovakia.