Half-day event on digital education initiatives

Half-day event on digital education initiatives

Article by eSkills Malta Foundation pulblished on The Sunday Times of Malta on 10.03.2019

Digital education in schools is the theme of a half-day event to be held on Friday 15th March from 9am to 12.30pm at the MITA Data Centre, Santa Venera, by the eSkills Malta Foundation, in collaboration with the Ministry for Education and Employment.

Everyone now accepts that people from all walks of life will increasingly need digital skills and knowledge. This is because digital technology will be used not only by children or employees at the workplace, but practically everybody, including women at home.

Digital technology will be used by people at every level of an organisation or society to increase their quality of life, by students to get better education and by teachers to transmit more effective lessons.

Individuals who are not digital savvy will suffer in one way or another; they may even become outdated and lose their job. To thrive in the workplace of the future, people will need to have the right digital education. Whether at school, at university or on the job, the digital transformation that is under way is making IT skills more important every day.

It is therefore crucial that students receive the right education. All governments and educational institutions around the world are transforming education and learning by way of content, the way it is delivered and the tools being used both by students and teachers.

In Malta, the Ministry of Education started this journey some time ago, but outside educational circles, and sometimes also within it, few people and organisations know what digital education is being given to students at primary and secondary level. Their educational path is a very important one as these formative years will transform students up to adult life.

People from both industry and the education sectors have contacted the eSkills Malta Foundation expressing interest in becoming more aware about the various initiatives that Malta’s Education Ministry has embarked on, or is embarking on, in the sphere of digital education. The umbrella of digital education is wide and touches all levels, from the formative years to adult and lifelong learning.

During this Friday’s event there will be the opportunity to hear, discuss and provide feedback. It is therefore important that people from industry (whether in digital sector or not, but especially from the digital sector) and education attend. The eSkills Malta Foundation therefore encourages all ICT industry and education players to participate. Attendance is free.