In the context of the Coursera Global Skills Report 2023 Anita Līce, Head of Education and Employment of the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia (LDDK), national coordinator of sectoral expert councils, shares her view of Latvia in a European and global context.

“Why do the Coursera studies seem interesting to me? Because the data source is huge: more than 120 million graduates, 7000 institutions, 5400 courses from the world’s top 300 universities and industrial partners,” explains the article by Anita Liece.

The report provides an insight into the learning outcomes of 124 million learners from 100 countries around the world in the three most popular areas of education: business, technology and data science training courses. Globally, Latvia ranks 71st out of 100 countries in achieving excellent skills learning outcomes. However, Latvia is ahead of Estonia and Lithuania, which ranks 74 and 81 respectively.

Main findings of the study:

  • Economic growth is closely linked to people’s skills.
  • Internet access is linked to economic opportunities.
  • Educators from high-income countries are more willing to invest in people’s skills.
  • Graduates with higher education are more prepared to invest in skills related to the development of artificial intelligence.
  • In many countries, the participation of both sexes in online education is equivalent. On average, 43 % of Coursera users are women.
  • Learners in many countries around the world use professional certificates to get a job related to digital skills. The US, India and Nigeria have the highest number of holders of professional certificates.
  • Talents with skills can be found around the world.

National and regional skill levels have been assessed against the background of the learning outcomes of the users of the Coursera platform, as well as the learning outcomes of learners, which were assessed in terms of both the complexity of the tasks performed and their assessments.


Europe’s region stands out positively in the world:

  • #1 place in the world in business skills, where learners gain competitive or excellent skills in more than half of the countries, including Luxembourg (98 %), Switzerland (96 %) and Denmark (95 %). In Latvia, the rate of business skills is 72 %.
  • #2 place in technology and data science in the world. High tech students can be found in countries such as Spain (100 %), Switzerland (99 %) and Ukraine (94 %). Only 35 % in Latvia.
  • High-point students in data science can be found in countries such as Spain (97 %), Luxembourg (95 %) and Germany (92 %). Only 11 % in Latvia.

A table with Rankings.Regarding participation in Coursera STEM courses between 1 April 2022 and 31 March 2023, 17,054 Latvians participated in STEM courses, of which 63 % are women, the world’s highest proportion of women. The increase is 35 % in the course of the year.

The Coursera Global Skills Report 2023 is available here.

Republished from EPALE Latvia. Author: Anita Līce (Head of Education and Employment, National Coordinator of Sectoral Expert Councils, LDDK.

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