National eSkills Strategy 2022-2025

National eSkills Strategy 2022-2025

The Ministry for the Economy, European Funds and Lands, organised a conference late in November with the participation of four key governmental entities. Each entity launched its respective strategy, aimed at a particular aspect of the digital fields, and that fits under the umbrella strategy Malta Diġitali.

The entities and strategies are eSkills Malta Foundation’s National eSkills Strategy; Digital Innovation Authority’s Strategic Plan; Malta Communications Authority eCommerce Strategy, and the Malta Information Technology Agency’s National Cyber-Security Strategy, respectively.
Representatives from the entities presented and discussed highlights from the strategies to the audience, that consisted of stakeholders from both the private and public sectors.
Each of these strategies is aimed at setting the direction to be taken by the respective entity with respect to its perspective and remit on the digital field, for the years to come.

From eSkills Malta Foundation’s perspective, the National eSkills Strategy 2022 – 2025 sets a path for a coordinated approach to improve the skills, knowledge and attitudes of actors within the education, industry, society and ICT sectors. This aims at ensuring that both the present and future Maltese generation is well prepared in the digital world not only within their workplace but also in their day-to-day business and social interactions.

Launch National eSkills Strategy

The four key pillars of the National eSkills Strategy 2022–2025 are education, society, the labour market, and ICT professionals. The strategy aims to enable the attainment of such objectives, whilst keeping in view of the domestic national, sectoral and specialist strategies and initiatives affecting the digital skills domain. It aims to build further upon the National eSkills Strategy 2019-2021 and takes stock of the opportunities and challenges being faced by Malta in digital skills and competencies.

In this respect, the strategy identified a comprehensive set of actions and recommendations that respective stakeholders should implement. And the best way to do this is through a coordinated and collaborative approach between stakeholders involved in the sector.

The National eSkills Strategy 2022-2025 and its vision will be supported by the eSkills Malta Foundation’s operations over the ensuing years. The Foundation encourages anybody who is interested to read the full document or a quick read fact sheet, at the following links:

National eSkills Strategy 2022-2025
National eSkills Strategy 2022-2025 Factsheet​