New platform aims to speed up digital upskilling in EY

New platform aims to speed up digital upskilling in EY

Article by Claude Calleja published on The Sunday Times of Malta on 18.07.2021

The European Commission and national stakeholders have joined forces to create the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform which is now online.

European Union Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton said: “Whether looking for a new job or starting a business, digital skills are key to success. Bringing together hundreds of initiatives from around Europe, the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform is a unique place for citizens to enhance their learning experiences and to discover new opportunities.”

The platform is aimed at accelerating digital upskilling in Europe by providing a wide range of high-quality information, resources and opportunities related to the area of digital skills and jobs across all levels, from very basic to advanced.

Up-to-date insights are offered in an accessible way to new users, while more experienced professionals can benefit from targeted content relevant to their field of expertise.

Additionally, collaborative space is available for community members to network, interact and grow together.

The portal has been created as one of the initiatives launched under the Connecting Europe Facility Programme. It will contribute to the Digital Europe Programme – an ambitious EU programme that strives to make Europe more competitive in the global digital economy through digital capacity-building and ensuring a wide use of digital technologies across the EU.

Reinforcing the digital skills pillar of the programme, the platform aspires to boost the digital competencies of European society and workforce.

Funded by the Connecting Europe Facility at the request of the EU member states, the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform brings together:
Insights into EU and national initiatives and actions in digital skills and jobs;
Training opportunities and career development support;
Good practices, expert advice, resources and tools;
Data, research-based facts and figures;
Funding opportunities and financial instruments;
Thriving interactive community spaces;
News, opinions and events.

The platform has been created to bring together European and national efforts together. Visions often do not materialise because of lack of collaboration. The platform aims to change this.

It aims to become a unique reference point for digital skills enabling all Europeans – citizens, businesses and public organisations – to make the most of the digital transformation of our society and economy.

The platform will function jointly with the 25 national coalitions for digital skills and contribute to reaching the EU’s Digital Decade targets.

The eSkills Malta Foundation encourages everyone to visit, register, explore and share the platform, which is the home of digital skills information across Europe and the heart of the digital skills and jobs community.

The platform may be accessed at the website below.

This article was prepared by collating various publicly available online sources.