Sweden is at the border of a technological revolution, according to a recent report by TechSverige. The report highlights that the new 5G technology has the capacity to add impressive SEK 126 billion to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) each year, which would amount to more than 2 % of Sweden’s total GDP.

“5G technology will be the catalyst for a new wave of innovation, and push the digitalisation of our society to a new altitude,” says Robert Liljeström, industrial policy expert at TechSverige.

This technological transformation offers Sweden unprecedented opportunities in several sectors, including industry, healthcare, and smart infrastructure such as water and energy supply. It has the potential to transform industrial processes into both more efficient and sustainable. In the health sector, 5G technology can ease the growing burden and revolutionise the way we offer health services. Moreover, the role of 5G in the electrification of society and the green transition cannot be underestimated.

But everything is not light and lamp. The report points out that, despite being at the forefront of previous technology shifts such as 3G and 4G, Sweden has lagged behind its European neighbours in terms of 5G deployment. Countries such as Denmark, Italy and the Netherlands have already overtaken us.

However, this delay may change. “Thanks to large investments from telecommunications operators, 5G is now on the rise here in Sweden,” Liljeström commented.

Robert Liljeström calls on the country to embrace this technology and understand its enormous potential. He stresses that cooperation at all levels will be required: industry, academia and policies, to make full use of the 5G can offer.

The report also proposes concrete measures to optimise the use of 5G in Sweden. These include support for the efficient deployment of the 5G network, unlocking the potential of technology for a smarter public service and driving force for development in the EU.

In concluding words, Liljeström insists that “it is time to raise ambitions, capitalise on the innovation power of the market and truly create the necessary conditions for Sweden to be at the forefront of this technological shift”.

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