On15 September 2023, “A Sustainable Tomorrow” will celebrate its 10th major event. This conference, which is North’s main digital and physical sustainability conference, will take place across the region and focus on the theme of “Disrupture”. This time, a number of outstanding profiles will highlight different aspects of the topic.

On the occasion of this anniversary, the organisers plan to launch a new TV format. The aim of this initiative is to reach 20 000 individuals from different sectors of society through hubs around the Nordic region.

This year’s conference aims to provide insight into what “disrupt” means and how disruptive thinking can be applied to different activities. Given the scarcity of time, only seven years left until 2030, the theme is of particular relevance. It is about thinking new and reshaping both business models and cooperation. Disarmament is not just a form of innovation; it is a radical way of doing things, whether in terms of smaller details or larger business structures, including politics. Internationally, this approach has proven to be very beneficial and can be applied in many areas, including social inclusion and product development.

The conference “A Sustainable Tomorrow” is produced in cooperation with strategic partners such as the Office of Five Two, the MediagYear and Studio E. Together they work to inspire a more sustainable and innovative future.

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