In 2020,Markus Lingman, senior physician and strateg from the region of Halland, was appointed AI expert of the Year in Sweden. His outstanding work has made AI technologies more accessible in the health sector. In an interview for TechSverige under the heading Fokus: AI shares his insights into the future of AI and how to maximise its potential responsibly.

— In a short time, the AI field has undergone a huge transformation. We are now seeing how advanced language models have become widespread and how AI has become more accessible to the public. I am currently at Stanford, a hub for innovation where new AI-enabled products and services are constantly taking shape, and this trend is also evident in Sweden, Lingman shares with it.

He underlines that AI is now an integral part of the world of research:

— The focus has shifted to seeing how AI can bring tangible benefits. Many are struggling with the implementation phase, but significant progress has been made in areas such as X-rays.

When asked about the next major steps in AI, he believes it is about how society deals with AI regulation:

The big life in sectors such as health, energy and transport is likely to come when we have clear guidelines on how we regulate AI. Although legislation is under way, AI has already accelerated the development of new medicines.

Lingman is also reflecting on the current discussion, with many in the AI industry suggesting a temporary break in development.

— Getting the whole world to agree on a break seems unlikely. Many participants in the debate do not have enough insight into AI. I hope that major players such as the US, the EU and China will soon come to a common regulatory approach that prioritises security and transparency.

Finally, when it comes to realising the potential of AI responsibly, he stresses the importance of knowledge:

— An informed debate is necessary to decide how best to use these powerful tools. Ignorance leads to fear, and this fear may hamper the development we really want to experience.

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