Seven groups will represent Greece at the World Robot Olympiad World Robot Olympiad 2023, which will take place from 7 to 9 November in Panama.

The Greek mission emerged as a result of preliminary competitions on 1 August 2 July organised by the non-profit Educational Robotics, Science and Technology Agency, wro Hellas and his strategic associate, COSMOTE. These teams, made up of school pupils from all over Greece, will compete in the following four categories: Robo Mission (regular), Future Innovators (OPEN), Future Engineers and RoboSports.

Very briefly, World Educational Robotics (wro) is an important global event for science, technology and education. By using robotics, students from all over the world create imaginative solutions for how to ‘correct’ issues such as everyday living in the city, sustainable development, space, etc. It contributes to the development of the creativity of children and young people and their ability to solve problems. It is conducted by the international, non-governmental organisation World Robot Olympiad Association to promote robotics in STEM education worldwide. It is supported by organisers in more than 75 countries around the world by ensuring that more than 70.000 children and young people worldwide have the opportunity to take part in the event. Greece has been participating in the competition since 2009, reaching a total of 7 medals and 18 places in the first ten.

The theme of this year’s Global Olympias is “Connecting the World” with the groups, exploring how robots can help both shipping and digital technology infrastructures to become safer, more sustainable and more efficient. In fact, the number of countries taking part in this year’s event is expected to exceed ninety, as opposed to 73 countries last year.


Finally, it should be noted that in the 2022 World Olympias hosted in Dortmund, Germany (17 to 19 November), Greece emerged among 365 teams as a leading force in Europe and a fourth pancade with 1 silver medals, 2 five-places, 1 sixth place with a special prize, a 8th place and a 9th place.


Information on wro Hellas

The vision of the Organisation for Educational Robotics, Science and Technology, wro Hellas, is to introduce educational robotics at the three levels of formal education in Greece. For this reason, it conducts the Panhellenic Robotics Educational Competition every year. The purpose of the competitions is to motivate primary, secondary and secondary school students both to increase their active interest in educational robotics from the school community and to modernise Greek schools more widely by equipping them with educational robotics equipment. It also supports schools that do not have the appropriate resources to supply educational robotics equipment free of charge.
The actions of wro Hellas provide children with skills such as teamwork, critical and mechanical thinking and problem-solving in a practical and participatory way, in order to develop the necessary skills for any career choices they may take.

Information was extracted and republished on the websites of wro Montenegwro Association and the Greek initiative