Webinar Talent Shortage Project

In Spain, a major effort is being made towards the Digital Talent, with projects and collaborations that have enabled Spain to improve the Human Capital section of the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), from 12th to 10th place. There has been an improvement mainly in basic digital skills, with 64 % higher than the European average.

However, as regards the share of ICT specialists and graduates, the share is 4.1 % compared to the EU average of 4.5 %. The shortage of advanced digital experts may hamper the country’s growth prospects and limit productivity, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and micro-enterprises.

The arrival of European funds is an opportunity to boost not only the digitalisation of businesses but also the empowerment of citizens and, in particular, ICT professionals for better employability, especially among young people, whose unemployment rate is almost 30 %.

The webinar provides an overview of the situation covering the difficulties faced by companies in recruiting, the adaptation of the education and training system, which must be very agile, in order to respond to technological developments, the importance of boosting ICT specialists and the inclusion of certain groups.

There were also examples of projects carried out by ADECCO, AWS, Fundación Tomillo, IMF Smart Education, MICROSOFT and REPSOL.

Among the conclusions:

  • Training is a priority, systems need to be streamlined.
  • Bringing the needs of emprey and technological advances closer to the training provided.
  • Fostering a learning attitude among citizens
  • Promote public-private partnerships to launch projects.