Inthe shadow of a rapidly expanding tech sector, which has become the backbone of our economic and social fabric, an industry ready to shape the future emerges. But with this growth we will be responsible. With a deficit of 70 000 specialised tech workers, Sweden faces the challenge of not only finding, but also attracting these professionals.

More than just a job advertisement is needed to attract today’s technological talent. Future leaders in the tech sector need to showcase a model that talents want to pursue, and this is precisely what TechSverige aims with its new leadership manifesto.

The Manifesto, which sets out the common values and vision of the industry, aims to unite tech leaders at all levels. It embodies a message of inclusion, communication and active engagement in society.

The target? Transforming the tech sector into the obvious choice for the technological stars of the future. But it does not end there. By changing the perception of tech and strengthening the position of the industry, TechSverige wants tech leaders to become more prominent in the societal debate, act as role models, and lead with examples.

The core of the manifest is simple: “Tech is the catalyst for sustainability, competitiveness, jobs and prosperity. As the basis for the Swedish economy, we, as leaders, have a responsibility. By engaging, engaging in debates and renewing our leadership, we can create a sustainable and transformable future and inspire others globally.”

This vision provides a clear pathway for the tech sector in Sweden and points to a future where the potential of technology is fully exploited. And as clarified by the manifest: When the tech sector succeeds, Sweden as a whole is successful.