The ICT Workforce of Tomorrow

The ICT Workforce of Tomorrow

On the 8th of March eSkills Malta Foundation organised an ICT Skills Demand and Supply Monitor workshop titled ‘The ICT Workforce of Tomorrow’. This was a collaborative effort between eSkills Malta Foundation and EY Malta. The workshop is a continuation of the ICT Skills Demand and Supply Monitor launched by the eSkills Malta Foundation in 2021.

With the further development of digital skills, this workshop involved important stakeholders from the Maltese ICT sector and industry in order to increase awareness, identify, and prioritise essential action areas needed to drive growth and generate value in Malta.

The ICT Skills Demand and Supply study from 2021 shows that Malta, like other European nations, is struggling to meet the need for ICT workers in the sector. The purpose of this programme is to examine the initiatives, skills, and tools that would enable the ICT workforce of the future to assure the accomplishment of sector goals, impacting Malta’s competitive position in the international digital and ICT economy.

In addition to encouraging cooperation between these organisations, the workshop’s objectives give advice to important stakeholders such educational institutions, ICT experts, local ICT organisations, and governmental agencies.

By sharing their thoughts and bringing their specialised knowledge to the table, participants had the opportunity to support Malta’s technology and digital ambitions. All parties involved gain from this effort, which will assist future business demands and contribute to the establishment of ICT experts and educational institutions.

List of Presentations:
​Enabling skills for today and tomorrow’s market by Michael Azzopardi
ICT Skills Demand and Supply Monitor by Patrick Bezzina
National eSkills Strategy by Carm Cachia​
Hybrid working best practices by Robert Gonzi