Bratislava, 12.9.2023

Until 8 October 2023, applications for subsidies may be submitted for projects under the programme ‘Extension of innovation in education and education in schools’. For example, activities to promote the development of digital, media and financial literacy, to disseminate methods of research and problem solving, and to promote an inclusive approach. The aim of the Slovak Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport is to disseminate proven educational innovation and to increase the share of new innovative approaches in education and education in primary and secondary schools and in the final year of kindergartens.

Citizens’ associations, foundations and non-profit organisations providing services of general interest may apply for funding. The call is also open to state-recognised churches or religious societies which set up church special purpose facilities and set up school service centres.

The total indicative amount of funding allocated to the call is EUR 950 thousand. The maximum amount of subsidy requested is 200 thousand euros and a minimum of 80 thousand euros. The implementation of projects requires co-financing from the beneficiary’s own resources of at least
10 % of the total grant.

The request for funding shall be submitted by the applicant using the electronic form available at

The invitation follows on from the ‘Concept for long-term support for scaling up innovation in education’, approved by the Slovak Government on 12 June 2023, as well as the National Programme for the Development of Education and Education approved by the Government of the Slovak Republic on 27 June 2018. The concept of long-term support for the upscaling of innovation in education declares to ensure a level of innovation scaling up that is expected to produce a systemic effect with a significant impact on improving education in Slovakia. The working group cooperated with the Government Office and representatives of the non-profit sector to prepare the evidence for the long-term concept.

The concept is not intended to replace other sources of innovation support or educational programmes. Its role is to increase the state’s benefits from proven innovations by supporting their expansion for as many of the target group as possible (pupils, school teachers).