The Technology World Needs Creative Women

The Technology World Needs Creative Women

Article written by Mansur Akbulut, an Erasmus+ Intern from Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University, Mansur is an intern with eSkills Malta Foundation.

Mansur Akbulut

A Creative person has the ability of creating something new that has not been seen before by using intelligence, thought, and imagination. Creative people make new connections on two or more pre-existing ideas by bringing them together in an unprecedented way. So to be creative, it does not necessarily mean to be limited to thinking in an imaginative way, or to find an idea for the first time. It means combining idea dots and revealing a new meaning.

The human being will need to be creative more than ever in the near future because technology, artificial intelligence, and maybe robots will be much more dominant in our life. According to a report from the World Economic Forum, the ability of creativity will be one of the most wanted features in 2020. Actually, there is no need to tell how fast technology is developing and changing, but we should understand the importance of creativity in technology development. We said above that creativity requires intelligence, thought, and imagination. We cannot think of a technological development without one of those.

Now, imagine that we want to create a triangle. Technology and creativity are on two of the important points. What would you put on the third point to make this triangle precious? Yes! We have many options but I’d like to choose ‘women’ to complete the triangle. Why? A research of the National Center for Women & Information Technology which covers all industries shows that if teams include women, more creative ideas come up comparing to teams where all the members are male. It does not mean that male groups cannot generate influential ideas. We have good examples of this such as Facebook and Google.

However, women can help in bringing a diversity in ideas and imagination which will result in a richer product. One can just imagine how richer products and services would be if women participation increases in the technology world. Things that are good can improve, while things that never came to mind can finally come to light. In addition, some things are special for women. How can we expect men to do these things greatly?

The Technology World Needs Creative Women

In the IT field, the number of men is larger than the number of women, in fact, there are five men for every woman, and in some cases, the gap is even larger. The reasons for the low number of woman can be shown as gender stereotypes, lack of talent pool, and in-group favoritism. Many countries are currently doing substantial studies on these issues and paving the way for women to be involved in technology. Furthermore, there are some initiatives that target hope to attract women to technology such as Girls Who Code, I Wish, Wise, and Girls in Tech.

So what should women do to be creative and contribute to the technology department? All of you have creativity skill stored inside you. Do you remember how good you were playing with your toys when you were just a little child? You were creating new shapes, new meanings, and new feelings by putting them together. You can reveal your creativity skills again. At first, you will need to struggle to extract your creativity and sometimes also fail. However, with time it will only get better if you nourish the talent.

What are you waiting for? Take the first step to unlock your creativity. The Technology world needs you.