On16 August, the expert members of the ‘AI 2023’ jury, a prestigious award dedicated to the individual who had the greatest impact on the progress and visibility of artificial intelligence (AI) in Sweden, were published. The jury is composed of leading experts in digitalisation and AI, drawn from industry, academia and government.

One of the eminent members of the jury is Daniel Gillblad, Co-Director of AI Sweden. He stresses the importance of paying attention to those who are pioneering in AI, especially in view of the rapid growth and progress on the ground. With enthusiasm, Gillblad looks forward to identifying and rewarding these outstanding individuals.

The chair of the jury, Åsa Zetterberg, TechSverige Federal Director, commented on Sweden’s position in innovation and AI. She points out that the country’s success is linked to innovation and, with recent advances in AI, she sees a bright future and great potential. Zetterberg sees the “Year’s AI Swedish” as an opportunity to highlight exemplary applications of AI.

The jury also includes:

  • Daniel Akenine, National Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Sweden
  • Aurore Belfrage, tech investor and sustainability strateg
  • Louise Callenberg, Chief Executive Officer of Singula
  • Ather Gattami, AI scientist and leader of the AI podcast
  • Amy Loutfi, Professor at the University of Örebro
  • Jeanette Nilsson, project manager at Rise
  • Åsa Zetterberg, Federal Director of TechSverige

Nominations for the prize can be made via aretsaisvensk.se and the final winner will be presented in autumn 2023.

On the prize ‘AI Swedish for the year’: This recognition, administered by TechSverige, pays tribute to individuals who have influenced and promoted Swedish AI. This will be the fourth consecutive year in which the prize is awarded. Jonas Tannerstad, manager of electricity and automation at Örebrohem AB, was the beneficiary of the previous year. More information can be found at aretsaisvensk.se.


Picture: Unsplash ©