The eighth contest for creative technologies for students, Ventspils IT Call, organised by the Ventspils Digital Hub, will be launched on 25 September. This competition is an opportunity for students to express themselves creatively, to show their strength at international, Baltic level and to fight for a substantial money prize fund of nearly EUR 13000.

The main theme of the competition – “Ventspils IT Challenge” is green! In addition to the topic’s relevance this year, the competition is supported by four large companies that develop technology on a daily basis and do not forget about green thinking –Latvian State Forests, TETs,Deposit Point,elektrum.

Target groups of the competition:

  • You are invited to participate in 1. —12nd class pupils and students in professional schools.
  • Participants in the competition take part in 4 age groups with one of the following tasks:
    • Group A (1.) —3 rd class), Latvian students: task in cooperation with the“Deposit Point”.
    • Group B (4.) — Class 6): task in cooperation with “Latvian State Forests”.
    • Group C (7. — Class 9): task in cooperation with “Electtrum”.
    • Group D (10. — Class 12): task in cooperationwithTETs.

Stages of the competition:

  • The 1st round will run from 25 September to 6 November. During such a period:
    • A team of 4 people needs to be created. It consists of 3 pupils and 1 adult, who can be a school pedagogue, a pupil’s parent, a cross-parent, a director or someone else.
    • You must find your group assignment (A, B, C or D) on the competition website and do so by 6 November.
    • Submit the result of the assignment and apply to the team’s competition homepage on the contest website
    • Register on the team’s homepage at the moment when the tasks performed are submitted.
    • The invitation to the final tender in Ventspils should be awaited in person.
  • The final competition for Group A will take place from 7 to 8 December and for the other groups (B, C and D) from 6 to 8 December.
  • The organisers will provide the participants with:
    • Accommodation in Ventspils during the competition.
    • Gard meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner.
    • Visits, excursions and entertainment activities.
    • Reimbursement of transport costs of EUR 0.17 per kilometre for entering and returning to tender.
  • The terms of reference of the tender.

Participants will also have the opportunity to participate in online events on tasks where task makers will present the task, and participants will have the opportunity to ask ambiguous questions directly to task makers. The connection link will be published on the homepage and on the social network accounts, which will take place separately for each group:

  • Group A at 16 October 18:00;
  • Group B at 17 October 18:00;
  • Group C at 18 October 18:00;
  • Group D at 19 October 18:00.

More information on the progress of the competition can be found on the competition website:, as well as on the social media Instagram @ventspilsitchallenge and Facebook @ventspilsitc. In case of questions or ambiguities, please contact:

The technology competition “Ventspils IT Challenge” is supported by the municipality of Ventspils National City. The contest is organised by the Ventspils Digital Hub in cooperation with trusted partners and information supporters: science Centre VIZIUM, Ventspils Augst School, VentspilsState City Council Education Board, Langas -ateitИ (Lithuania), education organisationMTÜ Nuti-Võlur,ASLatvijas Valsts meži, SIA Tet, SIA elektrum, DepozintaPoint, Latvian Information and Communication Technology Association (LIKTA),Ministry of Education and Science I and National Agency for Education Development.

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