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The Entrepreneurship4All platform is an initiative of the European Parliament which aims to support future entrepreneurs across Europe reach their full potential through education and training. The e-platform also consists of coaching and mentoring opportunities, a digital library, as well as a community of practice where participants can come together to network and collaborate.

This is an initiative of the European Parliament together with Aflatoun International, Bantani Education, Danmar Computers, iED (Institute of Entrepreneurship Development), ReadLab (Research Innovation and Development Lab) and materahub.

Four pillars structure the platform’s training materials:

  • Entrepreneurship Competences (EntreComp)
  • Financial Literacy
  • Sustainability Competences
  • Digital Competences (DigComp)

Community activities

The platform’s community of practices (CoPs) are spaces where entrepreneurs can meet and connect with one another, share ideas for future projects, and discuss the challenges they are currently facing. Future entrepreneurs can also connect and gain insight from those with more experience. Ultimately, the goal of these spaces is to strengthen connections, exchange knowledge, and build capacity within the entrepreneurial community.  

Training programmes & courses: develop your skills around the 4 pillars

As part of their mission, Entrepreneurship4All has created a several online courses for anyone looking to develop their entrepreneurial skills and grow their knowledge in financial education, sustainability, and digital.

In addition to their first series of courses ‘Education & capacity building’, Entrepreneurship4All has recently launched a new series of Short Intensive Courses designed to help you develop your sustainability, digital, financial, and entrepreneurial skills and knowledge. These are divided into three levels (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) and are structured around the previously mentioned 4 pillars:

  • Digital competences for entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurial competences
  • Financial literacy for entrepreneurs
  • Sustainability competences for entrepreneurs

The Short Intensive Courses last 6 weeks and participants receive an EU certificate after completion. In addition to this, the platform has also created a Financial Literacy for Women Entrepreneurs course designed to empower women from all walks of life by teaching them essential financial knowledge and skills to help them achieve financial independence and success. 

Recent Digital Skills Resource

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