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The Digital Competence Model of Spanish citizens describes the key core of the areas of competence, skills and performance levels of digital competences for the Spanish population.  The competences they include are:

  1. Information and data literacy
    • Browse, search and filter digital data, information and content.
    • Assess data, information and digital content.
    • Manage data, information and digital content.
  2. Communication and collaboration
    • Interact through digital technologies.
    • Sharing through digital technologies.
    • Engage in digital citizenship.
    • Collaborating through digital technologies.
    • Managing digital identity.
  3. Creating digital content
    • Develop digital content.
    • Integrate and redraft digital content.
    • Find out about copyright and licences.
  4. Security
    • Protect devices.
    • Protect personal data and privacy.
    • Protecting health and well-being.
    • Protecting the environment.
  5. Resolution of problems
    • Handling technical problems.
    • Identify technological needs and responses to these needs.
    • Use digital technology creatively.
    • Identify areas for improvement in the digital skills themselves.

This model harmonises the actions to boost digital competences envisaged in the National Digital Competence Plan. The Plan aims to ensure the training and digital inclusion of workers and citizens as a whole, in order to foster the creation of quality jobs, reduce unemployment, increase productivity and help close gender, social and territorial gaps.

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