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My Green Training Box

My Green Training Box is a streaming platform for digital content on sustainable development in the different areas of Agriculture, […]
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The Entrepreneurship4All platform is an initiative of the European Parliament which aims to support future entrepreneurs across Europe reach their […]
Root Me – Challenge your hacking skills

Root Me – Challenge your hacking skills

Root-me is a platform for individuals looking to develop their expertise in hacking and computer security. It provides a realistic […]
machine learning cheet-sheet

Which machine learning algorithm should I use?

When facing a wide variety of machine learning algorithms, a typical question asked by a beginner is “which algorithm should […]
DESI 2022

DESI 2023 Dashboard

The Digital Decade is a transformative policy programme that aims to propel Europe into a digitally empowered future. At the […]
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DSA explained – a guide by Better Internet for Kids

Introduced by the European Commission in October 2022, the Digital Services Act (DSA) package comprises a set of guidelines and protocols […]
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Implement and manage an analytical environment

Implementing and managing an analytical environment through Power BI is a critical step for companies that want to use data […]
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OECD’s Good Practice Principles for Data Ethics in the Public Sector

In an increasingly digitized world, where data plays a central role in shaping public services and government operations, ethical considerations […]
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CrypTool Portal (CTP)

The CrypTool Portal (CTP) stands as the inaugural point of entry into the realm of the CrypTool project, an initiative […]