Digital skills resource

The Cybersecurity Curricula Designer is an innovative web application developed under the SPARTA project, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program. This user-friendly tool aims to assist higher education institutions in creating and analyzing study programs that align with the requirements of job roles in various industries. By utilizing the SPARTA Cybersecurity Skills Framework and the NIST NICE Framework, the Curricula Designer bridges the gap between academia and industry demands.

Features and Functionality

The Curricula Designer consists of three sections: course definition, program composition, and analytical data representation. Users can add courses by either loading samples or creating their own, specifying details such as course name, type, semester, practical training, ECTS credits, and topics covered. The application allows for easy composition of study programs by dragging courses into the appropriate semesters. Analytical data, including credit distribution, competency allocation, and supported work roles, is displayed dynamically as the program is being created.

Boost your study program

With the Curricula Designer, higher education institutions can enhance the relevance and effectiveness of their study programs. By aligning curricula with industry requirements, students are better prepared for the job market. The tool was designed within the SPARTA project and is currently maintained by the Brno University of Technology

Recent Digital Skills Resource

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