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The Cybersecurity Study Programs Map, developed by the Sparta project and supported by Horizon 2020, is an innovative tool that provides a comprehensive overview of cybersecurity study programs worldwide. This user-friendly map allows aspiring cybersecurity professionals to explore programs based on language, country, degree level, duration, cost, and focus areas.

How to navigate the map

The map features a visual representation of locations hosting cybersecurity study programs, enabling users to identify programs in their desired region or explore options globally. By applying filters such as language, degree level, and duration, students can narrow down their search to find programs that align with their preferences. Furthermore, they can focus their search on programs in their desired location in Europe, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Canada, or the United States

Furthermore, the map includes a cost filter to help students find programs within their budget. Each program listed on the map provides essential details such as world university rankings, data from the academic year, a direct link to the program’s website, and a pie chart illustrating compulsory subjects: whether the program focuses on computer science, cryptography, humanistic studies, mathematics, privacy, or security, students can easily gauge the program’s alignment with their specific interests and career goals.

Add your program!

If you are a university interested in adding your cybersecurity study program to the map, simply provide your contact information, university and program details. This will allow prospective students to find your institution and explore the unique educational opportunities you offer in the field of cybersecurity. You can do so by filling in the form here.

Why should you check it out?

Cybersecurity Study Programs Map is a valuable resource for aspiring cybersecurity professionals. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive filtering options, students can easily find and explore programs that suit their educational needs and career aspirations.

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