machine learning cheet-sheet

When facing a wide variety of machine learning algorithms, a typical question asked by a beginner is “which algorithm should I use?” The answer to the question varies according to many factors, such as:

  • The size, quality, and nature of data.
  • The available computational time.
  • The urgency of the task.
  • What you want to do with the data.

Even an experienced data scientist cannot foresee which algorithm will perform the best before trying different algorithms. 

When choosing an algorithm, always take these aspects into account: accuracy, training time and ease of use. Many users put the accuracy first, while beginners tend to focus on algorithms they know best.

This article provides the reader with some relevant information on different types of machine learning algorithms, including specific algorithms. It walks you through the process of how to use the machine learning algorithm cheat sheet, a tool that can help you choosing from a variety of machine learning algorithms to find the appropriate algorithm for your specific problems. 

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