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European e-Competence Framework Seminar

European e-Competence Framework Seminar

June 4, 2016 @ 09:00 - 18:00

European e-Competence Framework Seminar Context While the skills and technologies related to ICT have changed considerably in the past forty years, the profession itself has not kept up and matured in parallel, and ICT professionals have been occupied with technological advancements. Many of the concerns expressed in the past relating to low levels of professionalism still prevail today. Given the role of ICT as an enabler of business, this has important implications for a country’s economy. Furthermore, the increasingly pervasive nature of computing means that society at large is at greater risk from low levels of professionalism. The risks posed to the society, economy, and the ICT community itself, dictate that steps be taken to mature the profession. Indeed, we are living in a paradoxical situation where despite the vast amounts of ICT education available, companies are having great difficulties in finding the qualified ICT professionals they need. What is the European e-Competence Framework and what is its importance for Maltese Companies and Education providers? On 6 April 2016, the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) became a European Standard. The e-CF gives organisations, businesses, and ICT practitioners in Europe a common language to describe the competences required in the ICT Industry. It also gives a strong indication to ICT education of the competences and roles that their students can aspire to. European e-Competence Framework Seminar ​To build any profession it is essential to understand the core areas of expertise required by different roles. Organisations may then be able to recruit and develop suitable employees, and maintain appropriate levels of competences through continuous professional development. The e-CF was developed to provide a reference of competences that apply to the ICT workplace. It describes the skills and knowledge requirements of ICT professionals. It is designed to meet the needs of both public and private organisations, and give clear definitions to support decision-making with regards to the selection and recruitment of candidates, as well as the training and assessment of ICT professionals. The e-CF framework is a standard that can be adapted to a company’s needs. It is a framework that guides ICT companies to manage the ICT competency and proficiency levels of their staff in a professional way. From an Education perspective, formal education and ICT certifications providers need to make reference to ICT frameworks, and especially the e-CF, which is widely supported by the EU. The eSkills Malta Foundation, in collaboration with IT Professionalism Europe (IPE) is organising a half-day event on the 28th July 2016 to present the European e-Competence Framework, and its importance for Maltese industry and education providers. Mr Frederic Aerden from IPE will present the e-CF. Attendants will have the opportunity to discuss the framework and air their views. The eSkills Malta Foundation is a coalition of various Maltese representatives from Government, industry and education with mandates of advising Government and stakeholders on matters related to eSkills policy, the expansion of ICT educational programmes and related formative initiatives, contributing to the ICT professionalism, instigate further reform in the ICT education, contribute to capacity-building in the ICT education community and promote local ICT skills. IPE is a network of organisations with an interest in IT professionalism in general, and the e-CF in particular. IPE provides its members with insights on the benefits and challenges that various tools, such as the e-CF, can provide in managing IT staff. It also highlights the need to implement pragmatic solutions for the advancement of IT professionalism, in order to drive its development in a responsible manner. IPE gathers all those who are involved in and care about managing IT professionals, such as employers, certification providers, and educational bodies. The objective is to further stimulate the professionalization of IT in Europe, as well as to facilitate the development of business opportunities for members of the network. Together with IPE, we would like to invite you and any member of your organisation to this valuable event on a future-setting subject.

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June 4, 2016
09:00 - 18:00


Santa Venera
Triq Il - Ferrovija
Santa Venera, SVR9019 Malta