Activities in this topic will pilot and apply the principles of the data space for smart communities defined in the blueprint, on a large scale and with good geographical coverage, to build EU capacity for connecting data from all relevant domains, following their specific legislation. They will also contribute to the fine-tuning and improving the blueprint via a continuous feedback loop to the project. This Data Space will be controlled by public data holders, using open standard based tools and supported by the common middleware platform. It should also create synergies with the project.

Outcomes and deliverables

  • An innovative and federated smart communities’ dataspace, including a large number of EU communities, supported by middleware service solutions.
  • 10 to 12 cross-sector data pilots covering the whole EU by making use of common data sets. These will validate and contribute to the refinement of the blueprint, as well as the refinement of its long-term (economic) sustainability plan.

The action will fund a consortium of relevant supply and demand-side stakeholders to foster innovation among a large number of EU cities and communities, without prejudice to sector legislation. The pilots will comply with the smart communities’ data space blueprint principles and when appropriate use existing standards and follow sectorial legislation.

Deadline for submission: 24 January 2023 17:00 Brussels time

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