Pathfinder Scholarships

The Pathfinder MDIA Digital Scholarship program has been specifically designed to support Artificial Intelligence and/or Information Security/Quantum Computing/ Machine Learning/Neural Networks and Robotics in Postgraduate Education and PhD Level.
It focuses on supporting individuals pursuing Master’s degrees (MQF Level 7) and PhD degrees (MQF Level 8) in these disciplines. By providing financial assistance and resources, the program aims to ensure that these students have the necessary means to excel in their educational endeavors.

Bridging The Skills Gap To Boost The Economy
In addition to promoting academic success, the Pathfinder MDIA Digital Scholarship program also emphasizes the significance of contributing effectively to the economy.

Recognizing the growing importance of AI and information security in various industries, the program strives to produce highly skilled professionals who can meet the demands of the Maltese labor market.

By equipping individuals with the right knowledge and expertise, the program aims to bridge the skill gap and ensure that the labor market is supplied with competent individuals who can contribute to the growth and competitiveness of the country, thus playing a crucial role in shaping Malta’s position in the digital era. Read more

Deadline for the MDIA Pathfinder Scholarship Call 2023 is on:
Friday 28th July 2023 by not later than 13:00 (CET).

Recent Funding opportunity

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