The Latvian Environmental Investment Fund (LVIF) launches a call for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as start-ups for financial support up to EUR 60000 under the project “Big Data for Next Generation Energy (BD4NRG)” by developing new services and prototypes in the field of big data management and analytical services in the energy sector.

Purpose of the call:

The title is intended to develop new solutions for big data management and analytical applications in the energy sector (innovative solutions and prototypes under the three main pillars of the BD4NRG, operation of electricity networks, distributed energy resources and energy efficiency of buildings).

Thepurpose of the call is to increase competitiveness for better decision-making and to open up new market opportunities in the energy sector.  It aims to unlock and exploit the economic potential of big data and to enable stakeholders in the energy sector to improve their business performance.

To deliver on their vision and address new challenges in big data management, BD4NRG partners are working on the development, adaptation, deployment and deployment of a shared big data analytics system in the energy sector. The BD4NRG framework will offer data processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence to build data-driven energy ecosystem tool and open application programming interfaces.

Who can apply?

The BD4NRG open tender searches 10 small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups that will introduce new services by integrating and using the services and data offered on the BD4NRG platform.

The contest is open to small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups established in an EU Member State or associated country (as defined in Article 7 of Horizon 2020).

The application is for a single company. The company must have an approved participant identification code (this code is intended for stakeholders to participate in EU funding programmes and procurements).

What are the areas of activity to be supported?

  • Improving the operational efficiency and safety of electricity grids;
  • Optimisation of the network and shared assets;
  • Planning of energy efficiency investments;
  • Cross-cutting applications

Information to tenderers

Before filling in the application form, we recommend that you read the call documents and contact the helpdesk or send your question to:

The deadline for applying is 15 December 2022 at 6 p.m. Latvian time (until: 17:00 Brussels time) here

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