2022 HackSpace Challenge

2022 HackSpace Challenge

The event was held on the 20th April at the new MCAST Resource Centre.

Cyber Attack Simulation (by CyberFish)

This scenario, led by Cyber Fish, focused on the experience of MoneySafe Bank, as it is targeted by a developing malicious ransomware cyber attack. Playing the scenario, delegates addressed a number of events and were taken through technical, organisational and professional challenges. Players took the role of the Bank’s Incident Response Team. Then they made key assessments, decisions and recommendations over the course of the incidents as the attack intensified across the Bank, managing the demands of the panicked clients, the public and media, financial regulators and data protection authorities, investigatory authorities and international information-sharing networks among other challenges.

National Cyber Security Challenge (by MITA)

During this session the students learned what the challenge entailed and what was required. Registered to the Hacking-Lab Cyber Range, carried out simple (and less simple) hacking challenges.

Individuals with the highest score points were rewarded with a prize. The ultimate aim was to select students to be trained (by security experts) and represent Malta at the European Cyber Security Challenge in Vienna (September 2022). All of this experience and challenge, including the travel costs and accommodation for the European cyber security challenge, were sponsored by MITA.