Coding Festa Hour

Initiative for EU Code Week for Schools in Malta & Gozo

We are excited to introduce a fantastic opportunity for your school to participate in EU Code Week 2023 and promote digital skills and creativity among your students, called the “Coding Festa Hour”.

About the Initiative

On Friday 20th October 2023 eSkills Malta Foundation invites each school in Malta and Gozo to dedicate one class hour to a fun and engaging coding session as part of the EU Code Week campaign. This initiative aims to empower students with digital skills and encourage their creativity in a tech-driven world.

How it Works

1. Choose a Theme (you can also do your own idea instead)

AI for Oceans: Computer science is about so much more than coding! Learn about artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, training data, and bias, while exploring ethical issues and how AI can be used to address world problems.
Enjoy’s first step in a new journey to teach more about AI. When you use the AI for Oceans activity you are training real machine learning models.


Dance Party Unplugged: No computers needed! Teach coding concepts to choreograph a dance party together.

2. The Coding Session

During this dedicated hour, students will have the chance to explore the world of coding through interactive and enjoyable activities.

Project Presentation: After the session, we encourage each school to collect the final outcomes (photos/videos in case of unplugged) of the coding activities undertaken by the students.

3. Submission

These final outcomes will be submitted to the eSkills Malta Foundation to showcase the impressive work of your students.

Why Participate:

– Promote digital literacy and computational thinking.
– Encourage creativity and problem-solving skills.
– Join a nationwide effort to advance digital education.
– Showcase your school’s talent on a broader stage.
– Put Malta at the forefront of the EU Code Week initiatives on a European Level.

How to Get Started:
To ensure the success of this event, we encourage schools to prepare for the Coding Hour and make it an enjoyable and educational experience for all students.

Additionally, each participating school is kindly requested to register for the respective event on the EU CodeWeek platform. This will help put Malta at the forefront of EU Code Week initiatives within Europe. eSkills Malta Foundation can also help out with registrations!

Get Involved:

We believe that by coming together as a community of educators, we can make a significant impact on the digital future of our students.

Your participation in the “Coding Festa Hour” initiative will contribute to a brighter and more tech-savvy tomorrow.

If you have any questions or need assistance with organizing the Coding Hour, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Together, we can empower our students with valuable digital skills and inspire them to explore the world of coding.

We thank you for your dedication to fostering digital literacy and innovation in our schools and look forward for your confirmation to participate in this event.

Let’s make this year’s EU Code Week a resounding success!