Programa Operacional Capital Humano (POCH) has invested in the digital training of teachers as an integral and essential part of its investment in the Digital Education Transition Plan (DETP), which it supported, with a total of 115 million euros from the European Social Fund.

This support allows teachers to use digital technologies with confidence, putting them at the service of education and training with increasing quality, promoting more interactive and innovative teaching-learning methods. Teachers trained in this area are also able to guide students in the safe, ethical and efficient use of technologies, helping them to develop the necessary skills for life and work, in the midst of the digital transition.

The Digital Education Transition Plan

The DETP aims to democratize access to the digitization of educational processes by creating the essential conditions for distance learning, ensuring that everyone can enjoy an equitable and inclusive digital education. The DETP is also essential to achieve digital and green transitions we are going through, which require training in digital skills, transversal to all areas of education and training, as well as promoting the dematerialization of manuals and other school materials.

Why is this a good practice?

POCH’s investment has resulted in support for various public policy measures that have contributed to the same ends. It supported the purchase of laptop computers and respective connectivity, which public schools then handed over to students and teachers, through temporary assignments. It supported the creation and provision of digital pedagogical tools, so that full use could be made of the equipment delivered, and it also invested in training teachers in digital skills.

Until March 31, 2023, 174,209 computers were delivered to needy students, 83,662 to teachers and
30,741 teachers participated in training actions on digital skills

With these measures, POCH requalified and equipped the public schools of basic and secondary education, promoting the reinforcement of cohesion and social equality.