The EU nitro Clubs project aims to build a network of ICT Robo Clubs. More importantly, the project will provide infrastructure, know-how and tools for its sustainable development and further expansion beyond the duration of the project. 

The main objective of the project team is to contribute to strengthening open and innovative KET education in partner countries and the region. EU nitro Clubs, which operate in Romania, Bulgaria and Slovakia, foresee the creation of an ICT Robo club network and training tools for upskilling robotics. 

Main activities and outputs 
  • Nitro edutainment platform – a set of software tools for programming and remote control of robots. As the basis will be a cost-oriented mobile learning robot equipped with a Arduino-compatible micro-controller and different sensors, the project will create a software platform to carry out various tasks in the field of eduatainment (game school). 
  • TheVirtual Robo Lab – the purpose of the Robo Lab virtual laboratory is to provide students (after completing the tasks related to the construction and programming of a mobile learning robot) with the opportunity to gain high-level understanding and practical experience on more advanced robotics topics without the need for costly equipment (advanced mobile robot, laser scanners and RGB-D cameras, etc.).
  • Courses – the aim of the courses is to dedicate students and their teachers to the foundations of robotics, mechanics and kinematics, control elements, hardware, sensors and starters, software development and robot programming. The knowledge acquired will enable students to design, control and programme an educational mobile robot for the following tasks: line monitoring, slurry resolution, obstacle avoidance and remote control.
  • A toolkit for teachers – a set of videos to train and accompany edutainment content, high-level exercises, teachers’ guides and databases of frequently asked questions to train and support teachers.
  • It Robo Games – a software platform for managing gamified competitions for VET students from different countries. The virtual environment allows sharing ideas and materials among community members, as well as open educational resources and competition management.
  • It Robo Olympiad – this activity is based on an innovative and forward-looking methodology, rules and conditions for organising robot competitions in the following fields: line monitoring, slurry solutions, avoidance of barriers and manual remote control of robots. Robo Olympiády’s competitions will help train more students in the multidisciplinary scientific field of robotics, which includes mechanics, hardware, software, sensors and sensors.
What is the added value of the project?

EU nitro Clubs scores very good in terms of sustainability. The project outputs will be designed to remain accessible and accessible to people after the completion of the project.

The initiative also has a strong international dimension and involves several partners. This can be replicated in other contexts, target groups and countries. The EU’s nitro Clubs partners led by the ICT Institute – IICT in Bulgaria include: 

  • University of Science and Mathematics “Hristo Smirnenski” Pernik – PMG, Bulgaria
  • “M.V.Lomonosov” Technical University of Electrical and Electronics, Bulgaria
  • Professional of the gimnazia Po Elektrotehnika I Avtomatika, Bulgaria
  • Politehnica University, Bucharest, Romania
  • National Association of Public Libraries and Libraries in Romania – ANBPR, Romania
  • Technician, University of V Kosiciach, Slovakia
  • Stredna Priemyselna skola Elektrotechnicka, Košice, Slovakia

Associated partners are also involved in the project. These include the Bulgarian Robotics Association, the Institute of Mechanical Bodies of the Bulgarian Robotics Association and the Romanian Academy Mechanical Body Institute. 

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