Good Practice - Skola Sajf

SkolaSajf stands as a beacon of opportunity for children aged three to sixteen, offering a rich tapestry of cultural, artistic, and physical activities, coupled with engaging outings throughout the summer months. More than a seasonal program, it extends an open invitation to everyone, rallying for collective efforts towards fostering a healthy environment and society. Beyond this, it serves as a platform to instill in children a sense of civic responsibility and environmental stewardship, nurturing a generation that cares deeply about their community and the world they inhabit.

This initiative unfolds its offerings from the canvas of State Primary Schools and five Resource Centres, strategically positioned across the picturesque landscapes of Malta and Gozo. Operating diligently for eight weeks, Monday through Friday, SkolaSajf has seamlessly embedded itself as an annual appointment, weaving a fabric of informal activities that cater to children from State, Independent, and Church schools within mainstream educational settings.

A noteworthy collaboration enriches this year’s edition, where eSkills Malta Foundation has partnered with Data Science Malta and the Foundation for Educational Services (FES) to introduce fun and enlightening robotics sessions to 30 SkolaSajf Centres. Recognizing the potential of robotics as a gateway to complex subjects like programming and engineering, the Foundation acknowledges the importance of infusing learning with fun and interactivity. Robotics not only serve as an enjoyable introduction to programming but also cultivate a skill set crucial for future career development. By nurturing problem-solving abilities, encouraging curiosity and creativity, robotics pave the way for children to navigate a future shaped by technology.

What makes SkolaSajf a commendable practice is its holistic and inclusive approach. Operating five days a week across 57 centers in Malta and Gozo, 36 of these centers extend their services with additional hours in the early morning and afternoon, tailored exclusively for working parents. This extension acknowledges and addresses the challenges faced by working parents, providing a solution that allows them to balance professional commitments with their children’s summer activities.

Moreover, the inclusivity of SkolaSajf is manifested in its service provision at five Resource Centres attended by students with disabilities. This intentional inclusion exemplifies a commitment to creating an environment where all children, regardless of abilities, can participate and thrive. The initiative serves as a practical step in facilitating parents, especially those with additional caregiving responsibilities, in managing their work commitments while ensuring their children have access to enriching summer activities.

Behind the seamless execution of SkolaSajf are 2232 dedicated workers, fulfilling various roles such as Regional Coordinators, Centre Coordinators, Playworkers, Child Support Workers, and Sports Playworkers. These individuals play a pivotal role in coordinating the centers and implementing the SkolaSajf Programme, ensuring a well-rounded and impactful experience for the participating children. The collaborative spirit extends beyond the program’s core team, involving partnerships with various contributors who enhance the learning opportunities provided to the students.

In essence, SkolaSajf transcends the realm of a mere summer program; it emerges as a dynamic force shaping the future of the younger generation. Through a blend of diverse activities and inclusive practices, it not only provides a platform for enjoyable summer engagement but also lays the foundation for responsible, creative, and technologically adept citizens of tomorrow.