5th Annual Scratch Jr Coding Event

Imagine a room filled with parents, grandparents, and eager Year 5 and Year 6 students, all gathered around, engaged in the wonderful world of coding. This is the magic of the 5th Annual Scratch Jr Coding Event, a remarkable partnership between the Senglea Local Council, Senglea Primary School, and the eSkills Malta Foundation. Together, we have created an enchanting experience that brings generations together to explore the world of coding.

For the past five years, the Scratch Jr Coding Event has been a beacon of educational excellence and family togetherness in the charming city of Senglea. This remarkable event brings parents and grandparents closer to their tech-savvy young ones and encourages a sense of wonder and exploration in the world of coding.

The Main Elements of this Event
The Scratch Jr Coding Event is more than just an educational gathering; it’s a celebration of creativity, curiosity, and bonding. Here’s why it’s become a best practice and a beloved tradition over the years:

1. Inclusivity and Family Involvement:
– This event is unique because it bridges the generation gap. It encourages parents and grandparents to actively participate in their children’s or grandchildren’s education, promoting a sense of unity and shared learning.

2. Hands-on Learning:
– Children, together with their family members, get hands-on experience with Scratch Jr, a beginner-friendly coding platform. They learn the fundamentals of coding through fun and interactive activities.

3. Fostering Creativity:
– The event sparks creativity by allowing students to create their own stories, animations, and games. It nurtures their imagination and problem-solving skills.

4. Building Confidence:
– As children discover their ability to code and create, they also build self-confidence. They gain the courage to explore the world of technology.

5. Community Collaboration:
– The collaboration between the Senglea Local Council and Senglea Primary School exemplifies the strength of community partnerships. Together, they provide resources, support, and a nurturing environment for the children and their families.

6. Annual Tradition:
– The fact that this event has been going strong for five years speaks volumes about its success. It has become an annual tradition that families look forward to.

7. Fun-Filled Learning:
– The event is not just about coding; it’s about having fun while learning. Children are engaged through games, challenges, and teamwork, ensuring they leave with smiles on their faces.

The 5th Annual Scratch Jr Coding Event in collaboration with the Senglea Local Council and Senglea Primary School, is more than an event; it symbolises the commitment to quality education, family involvement, and community spirit. It nurtures the talents and skills of Year 5 and Year 6 students while fostering a sense of unity within families and the Senglea community.

It’s a best practice that showcases the power of collaboration, learning, and the joy of discovery.

This event shows that when we work together, we can help our young students become even better and make the future brighter for everyone.

   5th Annual Scratch Jr Coding Event   5th Annual Scratch Jr Coding Event

5th Annual Scratch Jr Coding Event   5th Annual Scratch Jr Coding Event   5th Annual Scratch Jr Coding Event