In the face of rapid technological advancement and its profound impact on the European labour market, the need for upskilling and reskilling has become more crucial than ever. The Upskill 4 Future initiative addresses this challenge head-on, offering a comprehensive approach to equipping companies and their employees with the tools, knowledge, and skills needed to thrive in an evolving job landscape.

Get to know the initiative

Upskill 4 Future, a project established in 2019 by CSR Europe with the generous support of J. P. Morgan, focuses on bridging the gap between technological progress and workforce preparedness.

This three-year endeavor operates across Spain, Italy, France, and Poland, partnering with over 30 companies from diverse sectors. The initiative is committed to enhancing human resources practices to ensure the employability of workers at risk due to automation and digitalization.

By offering methodological learning, capacity-building workshops, and practical solutions, Upskill 4 Future is facilitating the development of adaptable, future-proof skills.

Why is this a good practice?

  • Addressing the Skills Gap: With 96% of workers facing potential disruption from technology, Upskill 4 Future tackles the pressing challenge of ensuring these workers can transition into similar or better jobs through adequate training. This approach aligns with the vision of the Commission and OECD, highlighting the initiative’s relevance and urgency.
  • Promoting Inclusive Workforce Development: Upskill 4 Future emphasizes the importance of inclusivity by focusing on the employability of vulnerable workers. By offering support to those most at risk, the initiative contributes to a fair and equitable transition to the digital era.
  • Corporate-Community Collaboration: The collaboration between CSR Europe, J. P. Morgan, and national partner organizations exemplifies a multi-stakeholder approach to tackling a complex challenge. This initiative leverages the strengths of corporations, civil society, and policymakers to drive impactful change.
  • Flexibility and Lifelong Learning: The project not only equips employees with immediate skills but also fosters a culture of lifelong learning. This approach prepares workers for the continuous evolution of the labour market, ensuring that they remain adaptable in the face of future changes.

Driving Impact at European and National levels

At the European Level

The initiative has conducted enlightening webinars and workshops, fostering a collaborative environment where leaders, policymakers, and practitioners discuss the Future of Work and effective upskilling strategies. Upskill 4 Future also delivers practical training kits for SMEs, along with hosting high-level EU events and European study papers to share valuable insights.

At the National Level

The impact extends nationally with comprehensive assessments, benchmark analyses, and impactful measurements. Interactive workshops and targeted capacity-building sessions further engage companies, while upskilling pilots within firms provide practical training solutions.

The future of Upskill 4 Europe

As Upskill 4 Future enters its third year of activity, it serves as a beacon of progress in the journey towards an inclusive and sustainable HR transformation. By promoting innovative corporate training and lifelong learning activities, the initiative anticipates and prepares for future megatrends. Moreover, it champions a flexible working culture that embraces change while leaving no one behind.

The involvement of over 30 companies across different sectors, supported by national CSR Networks, underscores the initiative’s broad relevance and impact. Through the project, CSR Europe fulfills its commitment as a signatory of the EU Pact for Skills, contributing to a resilient recovery and supporting both the green and digital transitions in Europe.