Increasing Women’s role in Information Communications and Technolgy (ICT)

The eSkills Malta Foundation has established a formidable force in the form of the Women in ICT Focus Group, marking a pivotal stride in their commitment to empower women within the IT industry. Comprising 15 to 20 members hailing from organizations deeply entrenched in the digital landscape, this focus group serves as a dynamic platform for discourse and action.

At the heart of the focus group’s agenda are gender issues that permeate the IT sector. Bi-monthly meetings serve as crucibles for discussions, where members deliberate on challenges faced by women in the industry and collectively devise initiatives and solutions. These sessions transcend mere dialogue; they embody a proactive approach towards addressing gender-related obstacles within the IT domain.

The efficacy of the Women in ICT Focus Group lies not just in its deliberations but in its capacity to influence tangible change. Proposals and solutions crafted within the group’s confines are not relegated to mere rhetoric—they hold the potential to shape the policies and actions of the eSkills Malta Foundation. In instances where immediate action is viable, the Foundation stands ready to implement measures that emanate from the focus group’s recommendations.

A significant outgrowth of this collaborative effort is the genesis of various initiatives emanating from the Women in ICT Focus Group. These initiatives manifest in the form of comprehensive intelligence reports, each designed to address specific facets of gender empowerment within the digital realm. Examples of such reports include “Guidelines to Increase and Retain Women in ICT,” a strategic document outlining actionable steps to enhance the presence and retention of women in the field.

Another notable report is the “Analysis of the Gender Gap in the Digital Sector in Malta,” a meticulous examination of the existing gender disparities within the Maltese digital landscape. This report serves as a diagnostic tool, providing valuable insights that inform targeted interventions aimed at bridging these gaps.

Furthermore, the focus group’s impact extends to fostering an environment conducive to the entry and pursuit of digital careers by girls in Malta. The report titled “The Attractiveness and Pursuit of Digital Careers for Girls in Malta” represents a forward-looking initiative, aiming to create pathways that entice and encourage young girls to explore and embrace digital professions.

In essence, the Women in ICT Focus Group transcends the conventional boundaries of a discussion forum; it is a catalyst for change, a breeding ground for initiatives that transcend theory and translate into actionable strategies. By addressing gender-related challenges head-on and proactively shaping policies, this focus group stands as a beacon in the realm of IT empowerment, exemplifying the eSkills Malta Foundation’s unwavering commitment to fostering a more inclusive and equitable digital landscape.