Women in IT Career Day is a free online conference for women who are interested in new technologies and want to develop in this direction. The event is attended by leaders of the Polish IT industry and experts in motivation and development.

Get to know the initiative

Women in IT Career Day consists of 8 intensive hours filled with speeches, debates, workshops, and speed mentoring, as well as a solid dose of knowledge, motivation, and inspiration. The guests include top women leaders of the Polish IT industry and experts on motivation and development. In 2022 year, they prepared two paths for attendees:

  • RESTART involves workshops and panel discussions dedicated to women who are at the beginning of their journey to change their professional lives and enter IT.
  • UP:GREAT is for women who have been in the industry for years and are wondering how to climb to the top.

The event was dedicated to women who are at different stages of their IT careers and want to consciously shape their career path:

  • Working in IT but not sure what to do next
  • Already have the right skills and want to get your first job in a new, future-proof industry
  • Looking for inspiration, motivation, and knowledge to reach for more

Why is Women in IT Career Day a good practice?

The Women in IT Career Day 2022 event showcased remarkable figures, with each aspect contributing to its resounding success. Boasting over 2,800 registrations per event, the initiative attracted a diverse audience eager to engage in IT careers.

The conference featured an impressive lineup of 94 speakers, whose expertise inspired attendees. Attendees also benefited from 21 enriching workshops and sessions, as well as 13 speed mentoring sessions, fostering professional growth and guidance.

The event’s reach was amplified through the support of 10 main partners, solidifying its significance in the industry. Seven dynamic discussion panels sparked meaningful dialogues, while two power speeches and two lectures further enriched the event’s knowledge-sharing endeavors.

Solidarity with Ukraine

The war in Ukraine must not go unnoticed at the Women in IT Career Day.  Therefore, the panel discussions on the main stage were translated into Ukrainian, and dedicated path for Ukrainian women – which included workshops, lectures, speed mentoring and recruitment meetings. Notably, over 400 women from Ukraine actively participated, highlighting the event’s international impact.

Women in IT Career Day 2023

The 5th edition of Women’s Day in IT Career Day will take place in November 2023. In this year’s edition, the word International will be added to the name of the event, because in addition to cooperation with Ukraine, will be joined by partners from Europe. The event is going to be online with aim to provide accessibility to all women despite their location or disability, as well as to lessen the environmental impact.

In this edition, two partners will join for international cooperation: Digital Europe and the European Women’s Association.