The Laborecka Primary School in Humenny ensures that not only its pupils but also educators and staff acquire the digital skills that are essential for the 21st century.

They are doing a number of activities to ensure that their teachers and pupils are adequately prepared for today’s world. The main ones are:

  • Developing teachers’ digital competences to B2 level according to DigComp Edu.
  • The involvement of digital tools in teaching is more than 50 % in almost all teaching subjects, which is also tailored to the thematic plans.
  • Closing the shortage of computers by using pupils’ own mobile phones while teaching with Kahoot!Edupage, ALF, MS Teams, etc.
  • Extension of the teaching of informatics over the Framework Curriculum of 1 hour and 2nd and 9th year.
  • Programming-oriented informatics. Use of Emoa Informatics, Informatics with Emil (1st stage), Scratch,, Makecode and Python (2nd stage).
  • It Academy – Establishing the School Digital Transformation Programme 2021-2024 and cooperating in its implementation.
  • Project sprint. The Laborecká School was among the first three schools chosen by the Ministry of Education, the World Bank and the European Commission to promote the development of digital literacy and critical thinking among pupils and teachers.
  • Regular participation in IQ Olympics and IT Fitness test.
  • Working with micro:bits. Thanks to the Telekom Foundation project, the provision of micro:bits and their deployment in second-level IT teaching.
  • Equipping IROP IT and language learning and using them to teach other subjects.
  • Streamlining administration by using digital tools in the management of school documentation, contact with parents, etc.

We are very happy that the Laborecká School is also an example for other primary schools and demonstrates the need for more attention to be paid to digital skills, including in education and education.