Digital Skills Bootcamps and Events 2023 Women

Digital Skills Bootcamps and Events Women

eSkills Malta Foundation has been entrusted with a number of mandates relating to skilling, upskilling and reskilling mandates. The Foundation has the overall objective to increase digital skills. In line with this objective, the Foundation is offering training courses/sessions/events for specific closed groups or open to the public.

The Foundation recognises that there is a need to broaden the range of coding or coding-related digital skills in Malta and increase the accessibility to such skills. There is a need to increase persons with higher basic or advanced digital skills and to develop a larger pool of persons that are better equipped for their future education or employment.
As per previous years, eSkills Malta Foundation contracted Training Providers to provide coding or coding-related or basic or advanced digital skills education sessions to one or more target audience.

This is the list of Digital Skills Bootcamps and Events 2023 Women

The FIT (Females in Tech) Coaching Programme

Enhancing Digital Skills and Competencies of Female Educators and Teachers

Empower Her: Upskilling Women with Digital Skills for Enhanced Employability

Complete Social Media Marketing Courses to Start Your Small Business

Up-to-Scratch IT Skills – Strengthening refugee and ex-pats girls' IT Skills