ICT 4 the Elderly is a strategic partnership project funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union. This initiative will address what has become known as “online ageing”, by offering the public a learning opportunity on how the Internet can play an important role in improving the quality of life through on-line social interaction.

The project is split into three phases:

Collection of Best Practices and Open Educational Resources (OERs) – A study will be conducted to research any existing training materials related to digital skills, which could be adopted for this project. This will be done to ensure that no work will be duplicated.
Developing of Training Manual and Online Academy – Based on the findings during output 1, an engaging training manual made up of 30 hours will be developed, aimed at people between the ages of 55 and 74 years.
A Project Exploitation Guide. The purpose of this is to facilitate the transferring and scale up of the project results to organisations outside the project consortium, including key stakeholders and policy makers.
The project deliverables will be tested through an international piloting phase. A fantastic opportunity will be offered to 24 participants to test the Training Manual and Online Academy. These testing phases shall be held in Malta and Berlin – Germany. During this phase the training manual together with the Online Academy shall be put into test and feedback will be gathered by all the participants sent from all the different organisations.

Upon completion of the piloting, participants will have the duty to act as Ambassadors of the project with the aim of disseminating the ICT4theElderly Training Manual and Online Academy to be further used by the public in their home countries.

Stay tuned for more!

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