Digital ABC is an online training programme implemented by Riga TechGirls ( RTG) with the support of Google. The programme aims to develop the digital skills of European non-governmental organisations.

DESI (Digital Economy and Society Index) shows that only 56 % of Europeans have basic digital skills, such as information and data management skills, communication and collaboration skills, digital content creation skills, as well as security and problem solving skills. TheDigitalABC training programme focuses specifically on promoting the digital skills of non-governmental organisations’ staff.

TheRTG initiative is the first of its kind internationally available. Previous RTG programmes were developed for educational professionals, creative workers and healthcare professionals and have visited more than 22000 participants.

“As we are working in a non-governmental organisation, we are well aware of the related challenges of daily work and how digital skills and tools can help overcome them. They can make teamwork more efficient, facilitate cooperation between partners and target audiences and save the most important resource – time. This is why we are grateful for the trust that has shown to us by setting up the Digital ABC programme for non-governmental organisations and by giving us the chance to go to the international stage!” – Paul Siliņš, Co-creator of Riga TechGirls

The programme will take place online in English. The focus will be on the skills most needed by non-governmental organisations in their daily work. The programme includes several master classes divided into four modules on topics such as project management, data management, digital tools and emerging technologies.

The Digital ABC programme supports the GoogleImpact Challenge: Tech for Social Good’, which aims to support projects to build a “more resilient Europe”.

The training is free of charge and will take place from 18 September to 6 December 2023. Nowadays, you have started to apply and anyone interested, regardless of gender or place of residence, can apply on