The National Digital Alliance (DNA) is a Bulgarian National Coalition and is a member of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition. Founded in 2013, the Bulgarian National Coalition brings together businesses, ICT specialists, government and education sectors to address ICT labour market shortcomings.

The Digital National Alliance aims to promote the use of digital technologies among the Bulgarian population in order to support the development of the ICT sector in Bulgaria and to streamline the country’s digital potential.

DNA has four main objectives:

  1. Breaking stereotypes related to technology, programming and innovation and promoting understanding of these areas
  2. Supporting the acquisition of basic digital skills at national level and supporting the improvement of the overall digital competence of all Bulgarian citizens
  3. Improving women’s access to careers in the ICT sector and in technology in general
  4. Promoting creative digital education for children from an early age.

The Bulgarian National Alliance also brings together a wide range of stakeholders from all sectors of the economy to proactively address current and future challenges. Despite the rapid development of the ICT sector in Bulgaria in recent years, staff shortages mean that many jobs remain vacant. Moreover, given that 95 % of occupations now require at least a basic level of digital competence, there is an urgent need for action at national level: according to DNA estimates, only 35 % of Bulgarian citizens have digital competence and only 1.7 % are employed in the ICT sector.

Recent Organization

All Digital Academy December 5, 2023
St Monica School Gzira November 23, 2023
DOMINOES November 15, 2023
Lisp November 9, 2023
Women4Cyber October 27, 2023